Monday, February 23, 2015

I just recceived my MYKI fine: what happens now

Many students have received a MYKI fine for not being able to top up or touch on and they just pay the $217 fine without knowing that they have rights to appeal the fine.

The team at RNIS always assists many students in relation to fines. CISA always does the same thing too and it is a bit of a concern that many students receive the fines and then just pay it. It is a bit of a waste of money to pay the $217 fine without an appeal. After all Melbourne is the most expensive place to study.

Appealing it

Can you remember what happened when the Authorised officer approached you? Were they being harsh on you?

You have about 40 days (one month and a half) to appeal the fine. Do include your address, case number and name at the top of your letter. Do address it to the person named in your fine. The letter is formal. If you need to, do seek help early from Victorian Legal aid or your uni's legal service. This is a free service for all students.

In your appeal letter do talk about the circumstances leading to your fine/infringement. Ie you could state that you were not a local in that area and there were no shops you knew of or that the MYKI machine/reader was broken.

Taking the reasonable steps to ensure that you didn't break the law always helps. In the legislation it says that it is unreasonable for a person to go out of their way to get the MYKI. On trams there is no MYKI machines. If you don't have the internet at home then it is simply unreasonable for you to top up online

Print your MYKI statement- you should have the card registered in your name so you can see all the transactions and then challenge them, especially if it took more money for one trip. If you print and send in your statement it can show the Department of transport how honest you were at the time

Photograph any MYKI machines that did not work

If you were with friends get them to also write a statement


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