Friday, August 8, 2014

Tokyo Pop

This is a new place in Emporium. There is inside and outside seating. The place was not too busy on a Friday night.

Some of the waitresses are Japanese and some are Chinese.

I had the Chirashi sushi ($12.60 for a huge bowl). Waitress had no idea what that was eventhough it was on the menu. I would have thought that they were trained in the knowing the menu items

The rice was lukewarm, but the fish and prawns were fresh. And there was a whole mound of rice in there. I would have liked to have seen some avocado and cucumber in there, but there were none. maybe they ran out

I also had the Agedashi tofu ($6.50 for a bowl of four big tofu pieces). The tofu was alright and I enjoyed the moving bonito flakes and the fresh spring onions.

I also enjoyed the free miso soup which comes with every rice meal. It had heaps of seaweed, but no tofu.

The green tea was alright but a little bit pricey at $2.40 per cup.

I would love to come back to this lovely gem.
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