Sunday, November 10, 2013

Industry Beans

As part of the Good Food Month's Breakfast series

This is $20 per month which gets you their special and a cold drip coffee. But this only available during weekdays and NOT weekends.

This place has just opened at the beginning of this year and can be reached by tram. It is in an old warehouse block and already more than 20 other bloggers have found the place.

They do take away as well as eat in and they have these cute and amazing lunchboxes ($17-$19) which includes juice, a sandwich, their famous veggie chips and a sweet of some sort. Oh and they also have a breakfast box for $13.

The service was very friendly with a smile. But they were just a tad bit on the slow side. I got there just before 11.30am and they were fairly quiet

They have their own coffee beans and their own brews. I had their signature cold drip brew.

The $20 breakfast dish did amaze me but I was still hungry wanting more so I got the vegetable chips ($6) and the pumpkin bread ($3). The pumpkin bread was amazing.

The vegetable chips were a little bit on the oily side though, but they were still very addictive. I loved the Murray river salt in this and for $6 it filled me up.

I can't wait to return in the summer and students I recommend thee to come if you want to get away from the city for a while. I can't wait to hear what Meld has to say.
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