Saturday, February 23, 2013

Rooftop bar by Katherine

No I'm not normally a drinker... Neither is Sally.

But a few friends of our recommended this little spot to go and hang at. And it was mentioned in this years o'book.

So a visit was due.

It is in the same place as the Cookie bar, but up seven flights of stairs. And more stairs and more stairs and more stairs. It felt like I was on a set of some movie involving lots of stairs.

It is an outdoor bar so it is subject to weather conditions. There is hardly any shade except for the big umbrellas. It is best to go during summer and spring.

They are also a cinema and every night at 9:30pm there is a screening of some sort. They have chairs (in the form of deck chairs for everyone to sit in). Tickets are $20.

The rooftop bar has some yummy food for under $15 and cheap drinks. I had my usual lemonade for $3.50. Because I've already got lunch arrangements elsewhere. I came when there was a fire evacuation and we were evacuated for ages.

They only have a limited menu of burgers and chips.

I loved their French fries today ($6). Nicely seasoned and big enough to share between two people.

I can't wait to try their burgers out when I come again.
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