Monday, October 8, 2012

Breakfast thieves by Katherine

This morning I headed north up to Bundoora West campus and along the way I decided to take a quick break.  The trip to Bundoora from the city is about one hour and the Breakfast thieves is just in Gore st, just parralel from Smith st. There are trams that run to and from the place.

The place is in an area where there are warehouses so it was hard to find. But once I saw the outdoor seating it was all good.  The place is sooo big and you can see the kitchen from where you are sitting. They get quite busy during the weekends so it is better to go during the weekdays if you can.  12 other bloggers have raved about this place.

It is also dog friendly and I got to pat a dog. Yay!!!

This place does fair trade coffee. Their coffee beans come from STREAT and it was the normal blend that I had today.  The coffee was winey and a little bit nutty. It was a $3.50 long black.

With that I had the Legend ($18). The legend was baked eggs with chorizo (I chose vegetarian by the way), some sort of cheese, rocket, mushrooms, capsicium, tomato and herbed bread. The bread was amazing and so was the baked eggs. It did take a while to make but the amazing goodness made up for it. Yum.
I struggled to finish this as it was way too filling so I suggest sharing it or asking for a small one.
I loved the spices in it, but if you are not someone that loves a lot of spicy food best not to order this as it has spices.

I'd come back with Sally and I'd love to see what Big Fil thought of it as he loves these sorts of places. People if you are visiting Melbourne this is worth checking out.
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