Saturday, September 8, 2012

China Bar

There are six branches of this all over Melbourne. I went to one on Russell st.
I remembered coming here about six years ago and I remembered that it was busy as. It was also clean and all the food was decent. And the drinks were served in a decent glass. There were hot and cold drinks.
Well not anymore. Somewhere along the way this place lost its gaiety and sparkle. Perhaps new management?
There were more Caucasians there than Asians. The staff just stood there not doing much except for the guy that cleaned tables. The service was pretty slow today.

I checked out the bathrooms and gee they were dirty. One of the wait staff had let someone use the bathroom without buying stuff. What the hell? The bathrooms are upstairs. You have to walk on the shonky wooden steps all the way up. You would have trouble walking up those steps in heels.
I was furious when I had to pay $15.10 for two plates of dumplings and iced jasmine green tea in a takeaway cup when I was eating in. I had expected tea to be in a good glass, but it was served in a plastic one, why?
I ate 1 plate of steamed rice roll which was overcooked. The rice roll broke into pieces and I had to use a spoon to eat this. The one I had at Dessert house was much better (the thing did not break when I picked it up with chopsticks)
I also had vegetarian pot sticker dumplings which were nicely done. At $5.50 for three it was not bad. I loved the translucency of the skin and the freshness of the vegetables. I could eat this everyday.
The tea was just meh, but at least it wasn't sweet.
I don't think I'll ever be back again, even if someone paid me. I'd be willing to see what Big Fil thought of it.
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