Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ume hana

I went to Ume Hana at around 2pm this afternoon after my meeting finished. There was hardly anyone there except for the waitresses having their lunch as well as a Caucasian group.
It is a Japanese/Korean restaurant but it looked a lot more like a food court. The male that served me didn't have really good English. And he insisted that I pay before the meal.... there was no sign. Mind you this restaurant only does cash only. And the miso soup came out first which was really weird. It was weird that it came out before the tea and the sushi and agedashi tofu. Altogether my meal was $15.50. The days of our lives was on TV in the restaurant. BOOOOOOOORRRIIIIING!!!! Oh please get rid of the tv hanging on the wall. I didn't have a chance to take a picture of that tv.

The food was really sub par
Agedashi tofu was really bland. Maybe it was microwaved. It tasted like that to me.
The sushi rice was really dry but the veggies were fresh. Maybe they were left out a little too long?
The miso soup was too salty.
The only thing that got it going is the tourists from Thrifty next door all coming in for lunch. I'd be happy to see what Big Fil thought of it.
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