Saturday, August 4, 2012

The league of Honest coffee

The league of Honest coffee is a place in Melbourne's CBD. Here it is one of the many coffee roasting places and places that specialise in coffee. It is recommended in the Age cheap eats.

It is in a small block where all the apartments are in the city.

It is run by the people that did the Brunswick East Project and PADRE hence the PADRE coffee beans. You can buy a bag of these and other coffee equipment, teas and drinks

At 10am on a Friday morning the place was busy as. but the service was humble.  They do have a $10 EFTPOS minimum so don't come in here ordering just a coffee and try to pay for it with EFTPOS. It  won't work. My coffee took a while to come. It was a take away mocha ($4) and my vegetarian breakfast tart ($4) was lovely.

But my friend didn't like his coffee with honey in it. He's a bit of sweet person sorry.

Oh well I think I'll come back again and again and recommend it to all students.
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