Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sushi Monger

all right let it be known- I HATE QUEUING FOR LUNCH!!!!Who thinks that there should be a concept of pushing in when you are in a hurry.
This place is known to have queues because it is so small and dingy. They do have a sushi roll special of two rolls and miso soup for $5. But it was their Chirashi that got me excited.

Why??? When their  Chirashi ($9.80) is not great. There's too much soya sauce in there and they have mayonaise. WTF? And its in a tiny bowl with no cold tofu pieces
But I loved the fresh fish and salad. But the egg was drowned in mayonaise for me to like.
I did not like the miso soup (extra $1). It had no flavour to it.
The green tea ($2) was nothing to write home about :(.
The cashier was really confused when he put my order through and that slowed service down just a tad. But I don't blame him....I just think that a bigger premises is much better for the large amount of people. And Agedashi tofu would be ideal. This is not a real Japanese restaurant without tofu.
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