Saturday, June 23, 2012

The essence of high tea

High tea is a part of Melbourne's culture. A few places in Melbourne do high tea for about $30-$70 per person and that usually includes wine and lovely tea, sandwiches, macaroons, petit fours, cakes, tarts, quiches etc.
It is a lovely affair and a good chance to spend time with your best friends or family. It is meant to be special and enjoyed over a huge amount of time ie. two hours.
Don't forget the invitations.
You can also make this yourself at home for a quarter of the price.
You can buy a box of six to twelve macaroons from La Belle Miette at about $25-$35 per box
A box of party pies are about $5 or $6 from your local supermarket. And the same goes for sausage rolls.
A small box of petit fours from the market costs about....
You can make the little quiche yourself at home by following this recipe
Same as the chicken and cucumber and egg sandwiches by this recipe
You can make whatever desserts you want and like such as mango pudding
You can buy a box of tea from T2 for about $14

The glass of champagne is optional

But of course if you can't make all this you can buy high tea at any of these:

Sofi's on Urbanspoon 111 Spring Street Restaurant at the Hotel Windsor on Urbanspoon
But these will probably cost a fortune... hence these are great for special occasions only

Mamor Chocolates in Collingwood is slightly pricey though about $45 per person. 
Mámor Chocolates & High Tea Szalón on Urbanspoon


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