Saturday, May 19, 2012

Coffee at be-hive

Be-hive is a little cafe in a part of town that I don't frequent very often. I only went there with a friend today just for coffee. We had to hand in something to the Victoria Ombudsman and it was just on the ground floor of 459 Collins st.
459 Collins st is where all the offices are, hence I do not go there that often.
You order and pay at the counter.

My hot chocolate- see how nice all the artwork is.

There is a whole range of salads there as well as hot meals for $9.90. Since it was only 11.30am I wasn't in the mood for lunch. And I wasn't too hungry.
It was a little quiet as well but the hot chocolate was really good. It was sweet but not too sweet and I didn't need all the sugar.
My friend picked up the tab and also got herself a cappucino. I didn't have the chance to ask her, but she said that she really liked the place.
Will return one day soon
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