Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lunch in two French places

I went to two French places on Hardware lane for lunch. They are really good places. Hardware lane is just a five minute walk from the city and Business campus and is in between Elizabeth and Queen sts.
Hardware lane is one place known for its quality and premium dining in the CBD. If you have a chance you should visit.
La Belle Miette on Urbanspoon
Bon a Manger on Urbanspoon
1) Bon a' manger
This place is like a school canteen; you just grab whatever you want and you pay for it, only except this place makes great quality coffee and hot chocolates. They sell salads, yoghurt, fruits, baguettes, sandwiches, pies, quiches etc. It is like Pearson's and Murphy's in terms of what they offer.
The server there, unlike the Vietnamese place in Moonee Ponds was lovely and attentative as all waiters should be. He was really pleasant and treats his customers well.
The lunch did not disappoint me. I had the pumpkin soup and bread ($6.50 for a large bowl) and a lovely light and foamy hot chocolate ($3.50). I had to ask for the sugars though. I could taste all the pumpkin and corn bits in it which means that it was made freshly. It tasted like it was homemade and not from a can.

Look how luscious my macaroon is. See the jam inside!

The soup pots. You choose your soup and the server fills the bowl for you.

Look at how good the artwork is.

the french tea organic blend

Next time I should come with my library group though. They would like the food here.
To promote themselves they could be an Entertainment book web offer (http://www.entertainmentbook.com.au/)

2) La Belle Miette
This place is well known for the French macaroons. These macaroons were sweet and light and puffy, not like some of the ones that I bought earlier. All of their macaroons come from their main restaurant which is Richmond.
The lady there was really nice and knowledgeable about the products sold. She reccomended the new persimmon macaroon ($2.50). Dark red in colour, this was sweet with a hint of tanginess from the persimmon. She also said that they do take away macaroons in a box- $15 per box (I think that it is for a box of 6 macaroons. I'm not sure how much it is for 12 macaroons though, but they do 12 macaroons as well).
I also ordered a cherry and sake one ($2.50), lemon ($2.50) and a pink one (can't remember the name- $2.50). This place is famous for their French teas. I also had their famous green tea which was nice and refreshing ($3.50). It was also very relaxing. They also sell lemonade, but I didn't feel like it on a cold winter's day.
This place is a nice place to study in, as there was no need to hurry. Even though there is limited seating I loved their furniture, nice and cozy. I also took some pictures of the decor and the macaroon tree.
My verdict: its probably nice to go there once in a while, not every day though. I will come back with a friend or two or my library group for tea and macaroons. And to promote themselves, they could have an offer in the Entertainment book as a web offer (www.entertainmentbook.com.au).


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