Thursday, March 9, 2017


Mutekiya is a Japanese restaurant and its at 708 Glenferrie Road. Here they are run by Chinese and they don't have sushi. Rather they are a noodle and rice restaurant.

They had just been opened for three days and the flowers were outside. When I saw the flowers I thought that a new Chinese/Malaysian place had just opened but I was wrong

I was greeted by a glum waitress. It was after lunch on a Friday and here they were quiet. In fact the whole of Glenferrie Road was quiet. Originally I was going to visit Osha Thai but it turns out that they have a happy hour special of beer and meal and I wanted to try the beer.

Back to Mutekiya now. The place is clean and small. The bathrooms are through a door out the back. You have to turn right and then look right for them. They are unisex and are clean.

Here I had their bento. It was $14.95 for your choice of chicken or beef, miso soup, rice, salad, fried prawn and takoyaki. The takoyaki was terrible. It tasted more like potato balls than octopus. The fake crab salad was awful. It had that very sweet taste to it. As for the chicken teriyaki there was too much to it and after a while the chicken was very tough. Also the teriyaki sauce was too sweet.

The prawns were alright and so was the rice but who could complain. At least the rice was real Japanese ones

The miso soup was the only thing that could save the meal, but where was the tofu?

Rating: 11/20- it was just ok. I wouldn't go out of my way to get there again unless asked.


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