Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hints for first year students

Here is RMIT Newintstudents students guide to starting out at Uni. Many newcomers have no idea as to where to start. Here are some really useful hints:

1) Go to your Orientation week
I know that most students think, " Do I really have to?" My answer is yes. If you don't go you won't know what support is on offer at the University. You also won't get a chance to mingle with others.

2) Join a few clubs- this is a great way to make friends at uni. There are clubs to cater to everyone's interest. Check out your unis website as they will have the club information up there. Most clubs run weekly events for free or for little cost for their members and students. Sometimes they may have outings for students.

3) If you are new to Melbourne- explore our great city. Melbourne has lots of things for students. There are free events almost every weekend so there is something for everyone.

4)Don't leave assignments to the last minute. Start as soon as you get it. You will always need library resources to do the assignment and the library only has a few of these resources.
If you do your assignments early you'll always have time to check it in the end and seek some feedback from your tutors and friends.

5) Seek help early- use Student services if you have to. They are free of charge for all students. If they won't help then the Student Union will. Each uni always has a student service area.

6) Get your textbooks early (or soon as they give you the list). There is nothing worse than buying them late. Your uni's bookshop might not have any if you leave it to the last minute. All the secondhand books will be gone.


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