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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dahon Tea lounge

This place is located in South Melbourne opposite the South Melbourne Market and is on the way to Melbourne Sports and Aquatics center.
A number of bloggers have written about this place and quite liked it, so I decided to check it out and meet up with the Japan club for their Sports day at 1:30pm.
The place is really welcoming and its run by Filipinos  I have never tried Filipino food before so was willing to give it a try.

For those that don't like Filipino food there is also Western food. They do have a $10 Baguette, Chips and Soft drink special, but I was more interested to try their traditional dishes and teas.
They were so busy at lunchtime. They had two big groups to cater for hence the service was a little slow on the uptake. They have a few communual tables and I sat at one of them.
Whilst I was waiting I checked out the bathrooms. Dahon doesn't have any specifically so I had to use the shopping centre's one which are upstairs outside Spotlight. And boy were they filthy!
 And I think they forgot my cookie with the Green tea ($3.50 for one), but the Pancit was really good ($11.80). And so was the BBQ Skewer ($2).
Pancit is a Fillipino dish with Rice vermicelli and sauce with everything crushed and mixed inside. The tofu too was crushed and it was nice.
The only thing that I didn't get to try was the Lumpia. Oh well next time when I come back I will try this and the desserts
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