Saturday, September 22, 2012

Rue Bebelons by Katherine

This place is really close to where I work.
I remembered visiting this place years ago with some good pals from the Student Union. Now I wonder if things are still the same as before.
It's more of a bar but they do lunchtime food as well as coffees. At $2.50 per coffee its a darn good price.
They were busy and with all the loud music it was a tad bit difficult to hear ourselves. It is popular with all the RMIT students and staff.
They do have good WI-FI here.

I went with my diet loving friend from the Student union. He only had a peppermint tea.
The guys at the bar were so chatty.
They do have a really simple lunch menu of baguettes and soups which I love. I love simple menus as they mean that they only have one focus and they can do everything well.
I love the simple decor.
The place is really retro and they do have a bar. Everything here is under $10. Yipee.
I had a hot chocolate and a vegetarian baguette ($6). Its supposed to be without beetroot and I did ask them, but nevertheless it came with beetroot. I didn't mind though and I forgave them for it as they were so busy and incredibly understaffed.
But the baguette was really nice. Better than the ones at Subway. The roll was fresh and the ingredients were fresh. But it took a while to make though and my friend didn't want to wait.

Come here, but be prepared to wait a while. Whilst you are waiting why not enjoy a free book or two. I'd love for Sally to visit.
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