Saturday, August 25, 2012


This place is a place tucked away in a new lane called Literature lane. It was opened a few days ago and already it is full of people. I had trouble finding the place because Urbanspoon had said that the place was near the corner of Lt Bourke and Elizabeth. Well they were wrong.... its actually across the road from SAB and RMIT just off Lt Lonsdale st.

This place sells all sorts of Chinese baos and soy milk all for cheap. The most popular were the veggie and pork ones, but I just had lunch so no.

It was just after 2pm when I went so I just ordered dessert buns. The place was still packed with students looking for lunch and their fix of soy milk. I tried the soy milk and I found it a little sour for my liking. But I loved the taro and custard buns.... they were yummy, big and very filling for $3.40 altogether. And not too sweet.

Now RMIT why did you have to put nine new restaurants in SAB, when we can go to this wonderful bao place and get our fill of bao?
If you put nine new restaurants in SAB then the poor bao place might be out of business. RMIT please please don't put nine new places in SAB as we don't need them. What we would like is better student services and a student union in SAB. Oh yeah come to think of it, a computer lab would be nice.

Hey Urbanspoon please update your location to outside State library

I will be back to try their lunch options.

Wonderbao on Urbanspoon

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