Saturday, August 25, 2012

Desi Dhaba and the RMIT mid Semester party

The RMIT Indian club along with Su-Chai Junction put on a party for all of its members free of charge. There was free food and drink served at Desi Dhaba. We were the only table at Desi Dhaba at 4pm and Su Chai mentioned that it was really popular. Our party had lots of people turn up but Desi Dhaba wasn't as popular. We came at 4.30pm.
I wonder why Desi Dhaba got so many bad reviews on Urbanspoon.

The staff didn't do much except to serve the food. Not even to ask about our food. They asked us to move to the back of the restaurant, why?

I normally don't post pictures of the bathrooms but the bathroom was dirty and really stinky. Oh yeah and the locks didn't work.

Everyone got a chai and a snack plate consisting of a samosa (really small and it broke easily), a potato cake thingy which looked really oily and greasy and the onion thingy which I liked. That and the chai which was spicy and not too milky.
The free water tastes urgh and more like tap water.
The next time I get invited I'll only just stick to the chai and avoid the bathrooms and the other things at all costs. Thanks to Su Chai for inviting me, sorry I couldn't be too positive about this place. I hope you understand
Desi Dhaba on Urbanspoon


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