Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cafe Le Miel

Le Miel is a little cafe on Elgin st just a short walk from RMIT. It was here that I met up with the Coffee Enthusiasts group of Melbourne Uni and they have free coffees for their members when they meet. The food is not for free- I had to pay for them.
Here they had all sorts of lovely decorations and you can sit and watch the world go by. Its not like another cafe where they want you to leave straightaway.

They also do breakfasts but I was not hungry. I had breakfast at home. Their breakfasts are huge. The coffee beans are from Proud Mary's hence the awesome coffees.
My mocha here was pretty decent. It was nutty and really strong.
I also had two eye catching little sweets at $3.50 a piece. The sweets were a lemon tart and a cheesecake of some sorts. I love both of them. 
The lemon tart had the right amount of tang to this and was pretty sweet, hence I did not need to add any sugar to this.
The cake was also lovely with the right amount of cream to this. I loved the berries on top.

Many thanks to the guys that organised this. They were right when they said that the coffee is good here.
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