Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Teppansan is a Japanese place in Russell st city which is frequented by students, workers and the like. Today when I went there at around 12:45pm I saw that there was hardly anyone there. There were mainly Westerners there. There were some Asians but not a lot. This place is run by Chinese which made me have second thoughts.
I know that Eat and be merry came here and they enjoyed it. This place was recommended by the Age quite a few times for their cheap eats. They have $5.80 lunch specials as well as $7.50 and $11.50 set lunches. They also do a la carte sushi and meals if you want. They are also famous for their Japanese Okomiyaki (Japanese Pancakes).
The decor is not much just some paintings etc. But there is an open kitchen so you can see what they are doing.

See how cute the cup is!

The service was really quick. I guess my server is from RMIT because she was wearing an RMIT t-shirt. My guess is that they employ uni students. My guess is that this is a cheap place for students to work in hence the cheap prices. I hope she gets paid properly.
Now onto the food.
I had the lunch special which was $11.50 and the Genmacha tea which was $1.60 per person. When my tea arrived it was big. This was really good for the price I thought.
The bento came with miso soup, fish in teriyaki sauce, rice, salad, spring rolls and dumplings.The spring rolls were just ok.  The dumplings were stuck together and tasted like they were frozen.
The miso soup was not too bad....it only came with one piece of tofu in it and I wanted more. Sigh :(
The rice was a little gooey but nice.
The fish was a bit tough at times but the teriyaki sauce was good. It had the right amount of saltiness and sweetness.
I wasn't the only one not enjoying it. 730 days of my life hated it too. I would recommend coming back here only just for the sushi. The sushi looked really good on the neighboring tables.
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