Saturday, September 1, 2012

Shanghai street

Shanghai street is a dumpling place in city just past Elizabeth st. They are ranked number 74 on Urbanspoon.
It is a popular place for all the locals to go to with dishes less than $12. The serving sizes are big, but you can share with someone. It is rated highly in the Age Cheap eats 2012.

At 2pm when I came it was still pretty busy from the lunch hour.
 There were queues everywhere. They need a bigger shop. I had to share tables with someone. Usually I don't mind but I had to do some work today I felt a little bit queasy having that person look over my side of the table.

The dumplings here are good. The free tea only so so. Mind you it is only self serve at the far end which I had no idea. The cups were still wet from just being washed.

They also sell noodles and rice... but I had lunch a little while ago and just wanted a break.

The service was pretty bad and there was one lady who kept her mouth open for most of the time I was there. It was unslightly. Gross. Someone needs to tell her to close her mouth. She was the one that served me.
I waited a while for food.

I ordered the Spring onion pancake, custard buns and spring rolls. That came out to $15.10. The plate of spring onion pancake was huge for $6.80. The basket of buns was in a big basket.

The custard buns were the best ones I had so far. So was the pancake. But the spring rolls were a tad bit soggy. :(

 My bowl was just a tad bit dirty... but I'll live to see another day.

Good dumplings, but there just needs to be better service. Good thing that they are ranked at number 74 and Shanghai village is ranked at number 85. This is my new favourite from now on.
Shanghai Street Dumpling on Urbanspoon

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  1. I'm a little confused... so you went to a dumpling place but didn't actually order any dumplings, then you wrote "good dumplings"...?



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