Saturday, September 8, 2012

Elceed by Katherine

I live near Elceed.
Elceed is a place in North Melbourne which is student friendly. There are many communal tables here and you can smell all the food as you are going in.  They employ many students. With many cafes you don't see this very often and I love cafes that support students. If a cafe employs students that's a good thing; it means that they understand the need for cheap, but good food. And that's what they are all about.
They are featured in the Age Good Guide this year.
I came at 9am in the monring and it was pretty quiet. It was a good chance to catch up some reading.
I love the homely feeling that I got in here including the lovely courtyard bathrooms. It feels so country like. I loved the flowers outside.  I loved the music; it feels like we've gone back to the fifties.
They mainly do lunch and breakfasts here, rarely dinner.

I had a really fill French toast brioche with bacon and apples ($15.50). It was huge for the price paid. I also had a long black ($3.50 for dine in). The beans was by Coffee Supreme.
I loved the bacon with my toast. Normally I'm not really much of a meat eater but the food here looked really fresh and yummy and you can hear the bacon sizzling in their pan. Oh and btw they have an open kitchen which is even better. You get to see what they are doing.
My brioche took a while to come but it was so delish.
The coffees there were amazing. Yay for good coffees that are not burnt.
North Melbourne really does need some good cafes and this is one hell of a good one for students to relax and study in. I think like some of the others I'll be back. And you know what I am having greens from there for lunch today.
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