Sunday, April 8, 2012

Eat at Sonido

Sonido is a place that I have always wanted to try. Here they are featured in numerous publications such as the Age. Big Fil from Eat and be merry for tommorrow we diet
They are Latin American and cheap. But their portions were a wee bit small.
They are located in Fitzroy, a place known for its funkiness. There is a real death of Latin American places in Melbourne but there will be more soon.
The interior was lovely and funky and very homely. A few students came and went from the place just ordering coffees. Here everything was going at a slow but steady pace. I didn't mind the wait as rushing it spoils the fun, mood and kills the food.
They mainly have arepas and empanadas and they claim to have good chocolate. But I didn't get to try this as I wanted a coffee. They mainly cater for omminvores but there are some vegetarian dishes for Here's the veg to try.

I had a breakfast arepa. The eggs really did appeal to me.  I have never had this before. An arepa is like a tortilla except thicker and made out of corn and rice. It is from Mexico.
But it was yummy! I wanted more.
The chocolate brownie was heavenly though. Yummy.
The mocha was also nice too.

I would love the chance to come here with Big Fil or Heres the veg as this is one Latin American place for everyone including Meld

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