Monday, November 7, 2011

Brunch @ Green Refectory

I decided to have breakfast at Green Refectory after hearing many good things about them. They are ranked 91 place in
Green Refectory is a little cafe in Brunswick, on Sydney Road, just past Union road on the way to the city. Here you can take the train to the place or route number 19 tram in zone 1. This place is really close to RMIT Brunswick campus.
Brunswick is a fashionable suburb of Melbourne and in it houses all the design students. It is mainly a student area, hence good coffee places come always handy.

But this is not one of them.
The place is cool with all the hippies and the students and is decorated really nicely. But that's where it stops. The lady there was lovely, but she asked me to pay straightaway, which I could not understand why since most cafes ask you to pay at the end. It is cash only.

The coffee (short black- $3)  is a bit meh... with not much to write home about. I can get much better than that at Piccina Espresso stop. The coffee brand is Illy, which I know it may not be the best brand of coffee.
The burrito although cheap ($10 for a plate) had waay too much cheese and egg in it and so it was a bit bland. It could have done really nicely with a bit of baked beans, less egg and cheese. It was soggy with all that cheese and egg. It took a long while to come too and it came after my cake. I could not understnad why since I came at eleven and there were not a lot of people there ordering breakfast.
The avocado on the plate was not fresh. It was really hard.
The cake ($2.50) came out first. I have no idea as to why. The burrito should have come first. But the cake was the only thing redeemable about this place. It was hard at the edges, but moist and sweet inside.

All in all I would only come here for the cheap cakes and muffins. But if you want to come here and eat... don't order the burrito.

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