Friday, March 14, 2014


As part of the Melbourne Food and wine festival series.

Nobu has a $40 lunch special as part of the Melbourne Food and Wine festival. As part of the special you can choose two courses and wine/soft and tea and coffee. As I love extra food I put a few special requests of my own.

This is what Nobu looks like at night

Love the lighting

Love the leaf


More wine

Love the decor
A lot of people have blogged about it and I had always wanted to go there but it was too expensive or I was not free on Appertivo Fridays.

The service was slow and a bit unattentitive at times. At 1pm they were just picking up. But for a mid week lunch they were not busy.

I love miso soup and the tamago (omelette) sushi. The omelette sushi was $3 per piece and they were small. I saw someone else's miso soup ($8) and wanted it.

After reading many posts about the crispy rice, I went for the sushi deal where I got Chirashi three ways and Crispy rice with tuna ceviche. The tuna ceviche was to die for and the crispy rice pops were very addictive. They melted in the mouth.

The Chirashi sushi three ways was so small. I thought it was going to be in a big bowl like the $35 one. Lucky I had a salad before that or otherwise I would have been really hungry. I enjoyed the caviar and Ibuki one. The caviar was hard to eat with Chopsticks. I tried to ask for a spoon but to no avail. Luckily I had my own spoon which was clean.
The unagi one was really warm.

I loved the ginger. So addictive.

I thought that the tea was going to come with a sweet like the Atlantic but oh well.

At the end when I got the bill I saw a $3 beverage charge. It looked very misleading as I know I got them as part of $40 deal which should have said $0 Beverage charge. They are minor things, but to some may be a bit misleading. 

Verdict: I wouldn't come here for a meal, but maybe just to enjoy a drink on their appertivo Fridays where it comes free canapes.

Oh and I signed up for their membership too which means all the news on their promotions.
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