Friday, March 28, 2014

Blue train cafe by Claudia

Blue Train has been around ever since 1993 and it has been a popular place with the locals and tourists alike.

But recently they expanded their place to include a cafe. Hence I got confused as to where to go for the Groupons. Just a heads up to the Groupon customers it is at their main restaurant and not their cafe that they do the Groupon.  On Wednesdays during their happy hour they have $5 sliders.
The wine glasses


The lighting

My server was quite lovely to deal with. He let me change places.

I purchased a Groupon for this place which was $12. It included one $20 burger meal and rustic chips and beer/soft drink. I wonder why it didn't include mocktails.

My server said that they got about 60-70 Groupon customers in one go over two hours.  But today I saw not many of them except for a table of guys that ordered burgers and drinks.

It was after 12pm when I came and inside the restaurant it was not busy. I ordered a lemon and lime and bitters and first time around they got my order wrong. Well almost. I had to remind them gently when they brought out the wrong drink.

I ordered the pulled prawn burger with capers, seeing as I don't eat meat but do eat seafood. Oh how I would love a vegetarian burger on the menu (a proper one that is). But I enjoyed the rustic chips which weren't too salty and they were freshly done.

I didn't really love the pulled prawn burger as such. Whilst the brioche bun was nice, I thought it was a little dry. The prawn was the letdown. It was cold and ergh. There was too many capers. But the lettuce and coriander gave it that nice Asian touch.

Verdict: I'd love to come back and try their rustic chips as I was surely addicted to these. And please please please put vegetarian burgers on the menu as many people would love to see this option.
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