Sunday, October 6, 2013


As part of our At Home and Abroad series
Hinoki is a Japanese grocery store and a sushi bar which is about 10-15 mins from RMIT City campus by tram.

They are just a brand new store which has opened about two weeks ago. Their aim is to make all Japanese feel welcome in Melbourne.

Here the store is really clean. And they are environmentally friendly.

All of their products are imported from Japan. Here they have about 39 different types of noodles and 82 different sauces including my favourite Japanese fruit sauce.

They also have everyone's favourite Japanese sweets including Meiji and Pocky .Most of their products are under $15.

Also they have a huge variety of frozen foods such as Mochi and Green tea ice cream ($2.50 I think).

But if you aren't up to cooking there are 89 different sushi meals for you to try. Here I had two handrolls at $2.90 and $3.20 each. The rolls are in packaging so you are expected to un roll it and roll it back up. If you are not too sure your friendly waiter will help you.

You can eat in or takeaway.

The miso is priced at $3 for a big heartwarming bowl.

Before you eat it you have to pay for it at the cashier which is a separate station across from the bar. By the cashier there are a few free gifts with all purchases such as cute mobile phone accessories such as these. And the kids may just get a lolly or two.
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