Sunday, August 4, 2013

Bear Brass

I went to Bear Brass today

Bear Brass is in Southbank and has been opened for years. Here it is a tiny little bar in Southgate shopping centre along with PJ's and Miyako.

They have some indoor seating, but most of the seating is outside. It was really greasy and grimy outside but inside was nicer. They should really clean up the grime before people sit outside. It's such a shame as it was a beautiful day outside.

The waiter was a little bit surly. I came just after 12.30pm and it wasn't that busy. The waitress was friendly when she came to serve me my drink.

I had the fish and chip special for $15. It came with a lemonade, chips, salad and fish and two sauces. All of which I thought blurgh when I looked at the sauces. They looked like they came out of a bottle.

The fish was quite good today. Same as the French fries.

But the salad was underneath the fish and it didn't look as nice. In fact it looked a little overdressed.

But I loved the homemade lemonade.

It is a bit out my way but because I had a drawing class down in Southbank I thought that I'd check this place out. Sadly to say that if it doesn't improve then there will be no customers except for the tourists. The location is the only thing going for it. That and the free wi-fi.

I will not be back unless they improve.
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